Although moving internationally is not as easy as moving locally, it can be solved efficiently with the careful planning and expertise of Cambridge International Transport.

Moving internationally most often includes transporting your goods by sea or, in some cases by air to another continent. Sea freight is the most commonly used option for long distance international movers. Your possessions will be carefully loaded into special containers and will generally travel by ship.

At Cambridge International Transport, we make sure that every household item is packed with grade A packing materials and shipped in specialized containers. Our well trained, professional packers are in charge of packing all of your household items according to European standards. Because we are associated with an international network of moving companies, we can easily assist you with relocating to any part of the world.

You can rest comfortably knowing that your prized possessions will be handled with care. Once they have reached their place of destination our associates will provide the same level of quality service and professionalism to you.

Requisites for Moving Internationally

1. Copy of passport for non-residents / copy of identification card and of passport for residents
2. Copy of ticket(s)
3. Letter by employer stating the termination of employment*
4. Total real value of the used goods.
5. When it concerns new goods [not used goods] an invoice must be presented. –
b. Import taxes must also be paid, that is 0,6% of the value of the good.
6. Packing list (this list are made up by Cambridge)
7. H03 form (wooden articles must be certified at the relevant authorities (SBB)
8. Insurance request form (filled in) whether in national or international currency
9. Letter of assurance stating that the employer will be paying the cost of moving.
10. Overseas address and telephone number of where the goods are to be delivered.
11. Overseas contact address
12. Documentation stating the change of address (legal address).

* It is not a requisite if the relevant person was not employed

Exporting CAR’S:
1. Copy passport for non-residents / copy of identification card and of passport for residents
2. Car documentation such as original number plate, insurance papers, etc.
3. Estimated cost of the car (invoice or bill)