Requisites for importing into Suriname

1. Copy passport of the receiver of the cargo
2. Packing list(s) of the used goods to be imported, with a list of total value.
3. Bill of loading
4. When importing new goods (not used articles) an invoice will be requested

Moving internationally most often includes transporting you goods by sea or in some cases by air to another continent. Sea freight is the most common route taken by long-distance international moves. Your possessions will be loaded into special containers and will generally travel on purpose built ships.

At Cambridge we make sure every household item is packed with A-quality packing materials and shipped in specialized containers. Specially trained packers are in charge of packing all your household items according to European moving standards.

You can rest assured that your priced possessions will be handled with care once they have reached their place of destination our associates will provide you the exact same service.