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Frequently Asked Questions

In order for you to get answers to your question as quick as possible, we have gathered the most frequently asked questions here

Can I get Clearance of my personal effects and household goods (motor-vehicles excluded)?2013-07-19T20:40:37+00:00

When you move to Suriname, it is possible to obtain exemption of import duty for your personal effects. Visit the Overseas Page for more information.

Do you have fixed prices for packages?2013-07-19T20:36:14+00:00
Do I need to notify you when I shipped to your address?2013-07-19T20:36:00+00:00
How long does it take before my items are delivered?2013-07-19T20:35:47+00:00
What are the fees to Shop Online?2013-07-19T20:33:38+00:00
I have my own creditcard, can I ship to your billing address?2013-07-19T20:32:57+00:00
I don’t have a creditcard, can you still help me?2013-07-19T20:32:18+00:00
Do you pack my household items?2013-07-19T20:31:45+00:00

At Cambridge we make sure every household item is packed with A-quality packing materials and shipped in specialized containers. Specially trained packers are in charge of packing all your household items according to European moving standards.

What Do I need for importing into Suriname?2013-07-19T20:30:27+00:00

1. Copy passport of the receiver of the cargo
2. Packing list(s) of the used goods to be imported, with a list of total value.
3. Bill of loading
4. When importing new goods (not used articles) an invoice will be requested

Do you offer freight forwarding services?2013-07-19T20:29:11+00:00

Yes, Cambridge International Transport (CIT) also specializes in forwarding freight to all parts of the world. We do not only offer transportation by land but also by sea and air for special commodities, gift packages, valuable goods, etc.